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Activeloop Deep Lake

Use Cases for Deep Lake

Deep Lake as a Data Lake For Deep Learning

  • Store and organize unstructured data (images, audios, nifti, videos, text, metadata, and more) in a versioned data format optimized for Deep Learning performance.

  • Rapidly query and visualize your data in order to create optimal training sets.

  • Stream training data from your cloud to multiple GPUs, without any copying or bottlenecks.

Deep Lake as a Vector Store for RAG Applications

  • Store and search embeddings and their metadata including text, jsons, images, audio, video, and more. Save the data locally, in your cloud, or on Deep Lake storage.

  • Build Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) Apps using our integrations with LangChain and LlamaIndex

  • Run computations locally or on our Managed Tensor Database

To start using Deep Lake ASAP, check out our Deep Learning Quickstart, RAG Quickstart, and Deep Learning Playbooks.

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