Managed Credentials
How to manage your credentials with Activeloop Platform

Managing your Credentials with Activeloop

Connecting Hub Datasets to Activeloop Platform

Datasets in Activeloop storage are automatically connected to Activeloop Platform. Datasets in non-Activeloop storage (S3, GCS) can be connected to Activeloop Platform using the UI below:
In order to visualize you data, please enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) in your cloud.
Once connected, datasets can be loaded in the Python API using their hub path or their cloud path:
  • Using the Hub path (hub://org_name/dataset_name) will automatically load the managed credentials required to authenticate with the cloud storage provider.
  • Using the cloud path (s3://bucket/...)will require the user to specify credentials using the API here.

Managed Credentials UI

All managed credentials that are used by Hub and Activeloop Platform can be added, renamed, edited, or deleted via the UI below: