Getting Started with Hub

Access public data. Fast

We’ve talked the talk, now let’s walk through how it works:

pip3 install hub

You can access public datasets with a few lines of code.

import hub

mnist = hub.load("mnist/mnist")

Train a model

Load the data and directly train your model using Pytorch

import hub
import pytorch

cifar = hub.load("cifar/cifar10")
cifar = cifar.to_pytorch()

train_loader =
      cifar, batch_size=1, num_workers=0, collate_fn=cifar.collate_fn

for images, labels in train_loader:
   # your training loop here

Upload your dataset and access it from anywhere

Register a free account at Activeloop

hub login

Then create a dataset and upload

from hub import tensor, dataset

images = tensor.from_array(np.zeros((4, 512, 512)))
labels = tensor.from_array(np.zeros((4, 512, 512)))

ds = dataset.from_tensors({"images": images, "labels": labels})"username/basic")

# Access it from anywhere else in the world
import hub
ds = hub.load("username/basic")