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Places205 Dataset
Load Places205, a large scenic dataset, with one line of code. Stream Places205 while training models in PyTorch & TensorFlow. Visualize the Places205 dataset.
Visualization of the Places 205 Dataset on the Activeloop Platform

Places205 Dataset

What is Places205 Dataset?

The Places205 dataset is a large scene-centric dataset with exactly 205 common scene categories. The dataset was created for the task of Scene Recognition. Places205 training dataset contains around 2,500,000 images, with a minimum of 5,000 and a maximum of 15,000 images per scene. The validation set comprises 100 images per category (totaling 20,500 images), and the testing set has 200 images per category (a grand total of 41,000 images).

Downloading Places205 Dataset in Python

Instead of downloading the Places205, you can effortlessly load it in Python via our open-source package Hub just one line of code

Load Places205 Dataset

import hub
ds = hub.load("hub://activeloop/places205")

Places205 Dataset Structure

Data Fields

  • images: tensor containing the image
  • labels: an integer from 0 to 244 representing the scene category

How to use Places205 Dataset with PyTorch and TensorFlow in Python

  1. 1.
    Places205 with PyTorch in Python
dataloader = ds.pytorch(num_workers = 2, shuffle = False, batch_size= 4)
2. Places205 with TensorFlow in Python
ds_tensorflow = ds.tensorflow()

Additional Information about Places205 Dataset

Places205 Dataset Description

  • Homepage: http://places.csail.mit.edu/
  • Paper: B. Zhou, A. Lapedriza, J. Xiao, A. Torralba, and A. Oliva. Learning Deep Features for Scene Recognition using Places Database. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 27 (NIPS), 2014

Places205 Dataset Curators

Places205 Dataset Licensing Information

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Places205 Dataset Citation Information

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Places205 Dataset FAQs

What is the Places205 dataset for Python?
The Places205 dataset is a large-scale scene-centric dataset with 41,000 images in 205 common scene categories. It has a validation set containing 100 images per category (a total of 20,500 images), and a testing set that contains 200 images per category.

What is the Places205 dataset used for?

The Places205 dataset is often used for scene classification. Since this dataset contains high-coverage and high-diversity images it is a popular dataset to use for visual recognition and scene classification.
How to download the Places205 dataset in Python?
You can load the Places205 dataset with one line of code using the open-source package Activeloop Hub. See detailed instructions on how to load the Places205 dataset.
How can I use Places205 dataset in PyTorch or TensorFlow?
You can stream the Places205 dataset while training a model in PyTorch or TensorFlow with one line of code using the open-source package Activeloop Hub. See detailed instructions on how to use the Places205 Dataset with PyTorch and TensorFlow in Python.