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LFW Deep Funneled Dataset
Load the LFW Deep Funneled dataset of face photographs in Python with one line of code in seconds and plug it in TensorFlow and PyTorch with Activeloop Hub.
Visualization of the LFW Deep Funneled Dataset on the Activeloop Platform.

LFW Deep Funneled Dataset

What is LFW Deep Funneled Dataset?

LFW Deep Funneled Dataset is a face photo database developed to explore the problem of unlimited face recognition. LFW Deep Funneled Dataset was released for research purposes to make advancements on face verification, not to conduct a comprehensive review of commercial algorithms prior to release. In comparison with the images in the LFW dataset, the deep funneled images produce excellent results for most face verification algorithms.

Download LFW Deep Funneled Dataset in Python

Instead of downloading the LFW Deep Funneled Dataset in Python, you can effortlessly load it in Python via our open-source package Hub with just one line of code.

Load LFW Deep Funneled Dataset in Python

import hub
ds = hub.load('hub://activeloop/lfw-deep-funneled')

LFW Deep Funneled Dataset Structure

LFW Deep Funneled Data Fields

  • images: tensor containing images of the people
  • names: tensor containing the names of the people depicted in the images

How to use LFW Deep Funneled Dataset with PyTorch and TensorFlow in Python

Train a model on LFW Deep Funneled Dataset with PyTorch in Python

Let's use Hub's built-in PyTorch one-line dataloader to connect the data to the compute:
dataloader = ds.pytorch(num_workers = 0, batch_size= batch_size, shuffle = False)

Train a model on LFW Deep Funneled Dataset with TensorFlow in Python

dataloader = ds.tensorflow()

LFW Deep Funneled Dataset Creation

Data Collection and Normalization Information

In this database, there are over 13,000 face images collected from the Internet. Each face was signed with the name of the person depicted in the image. 1680 of the people pictured have two or more different photos in the dataset.

Additional Information about LFW Deep Funneled Dataset

LFW Deep Funneled Dataset Description

LFW Deep Funneled Dataset Curators

Gary B. Huang, Marwan Mattar, Honglak Lee, and Erik Learned-Miller

LFW Deep Funneled Dataset Licensing Information

Hub users may have access to a variety of publicly available datasets. We do not host or distribute these datasets, vouch for their quality or fairness, or claim that you have a license to use the datasets. It is your responsibility to determine whether you have permission to use the datasets under their license. If you're a dataset owner and do not want your dataset to be included in this library, please get in touch through a GitHub issue. Thank you for your contribution to the ML community!

LFW Deep Funneled Dataset Citation Information

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